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Choose from a range of standard, blackout and coloured linings.

Curtain Linings

SW Curtains are the go-to-supplier of curtain Linings, Plymouth. Curtains don’t have to be lined. However, to maximise the durability of a curtain, it is best to select a lining.  A lining will increase the life of a curtain and improve the look and feel, helping curtains to look fuller and hang better. Linings provide extra insulation and help to protect against fading, whilst improving the appearance of the curtains from the outside.

We offer an extensive range of linings, including standard satin lining, which is ideal for everyday use.  If you require something more heavy-duty, then a blackout lining offers extra protection and can be used to block out sunlight. If you wish to provide additional insulation for your home, then our range of interlinings and thermal linings will help to prevent heat from escaping. Whilst linings are generally cream or ivory, we also have a range of coloured linings available. For further information, please get in touch today.

Range of colours

Our standard curtain linings are available in white, cream and ivory however we also offer a range of coloured linings to give that extra amount of style to your curtains.  Choose from a range of colourful linings to create a dramatic statement which can be used to transform a pair of curtains.

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Benefits of Curtain Linings

One of the most important factors of a curtain lining is the functional improvements it makes to your curtains.  Whilst helping to protect the curtain fabric, curtain linings also provide your home with additional insulation helping to save on heating costs in the winter.  Thermal linings also maintain a cool interior during warm weather.  Blackout curtains are perfect for anyone who finds their sleep being disrupted by natural or artificial light and are especially popular with shift workers who sleep during the day.  They are also a popular option for children’s bedrooms and provide a more comfortable sleeping environment.

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Our Gallery

Take a look at our gallery of curtain linings below. For a free quote, please contact us today.