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Cool and contemporary, for a simple modern look.

Our Wave Curtains

Are you looking for wave curtains in Plymouth? Wave curtains are elegant, contemporary curtains featuring a special header which creates undulating waves that are spaced evenly across the width of the curtain. Providing a neat and uniform look, wave curtains are fitted onto a specialist wave track, suitable for most window styles.

The wave curtain is a popular choice for the modern home. These have no gathering or bunching of pleats, just a gentle curve, giving a modern feel. Wave curtains work best with light fabrics that have minimal embroidery, but our advisers will help you with making the right decision.

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Range of colours

Add a personal touch by choosing your favourite colour for your wave curtains and accessories. Our fabrics come in many colours and textures, providing you with a huge choice of options. Our sophisticated range of gorgeous colours, textures, trends and finishes are designed to work perfectly in your home. So you’re bound to find the right shade of fabric for your wave curtains.

Take a look at our range of fabrics below:

Wave Curtains Plymouth - Bright Living Area Curtains - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Benefits of Wave Curtains

Wave curtains are a modern, relaxed style with folds that run the length of the curtain to create a rippling ‘wave’ effect. These are hung from discreet tracks, really showcasing the fabric design when they are closed. The folds mean that they tuck neatly in at the sides when open, letting in maximum light. Minimal and contemporary in appearance – wave curtains are ideal for bi-fold and sliding doors, or modern extensions with a large expanse of glass.

Wave Curtains Plymouth - Sunny Room With Curtains - SW Blinds and Interiors Ltd

Our Gallery

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